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White Mountain School

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Program Description

White Mountain School provides an environment for serious academic training and personal growth within a community-based setting in the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire. Students experience a total living/learning curriculum based on a three-part ecology: ecology of the human spirit, ecology of one's community, and ecology of the physical world.

Founded in 1886, the School's modern history began in 1936 when it moved from Concord to Bethlehem. There was one reason driving that move: The Outdoors.

The outdoors surrounds us - nearly 1,000,000 acres of mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls and spectacular views in the White Mountain National Forest. Everywhere, we are surrounded by things greater than ourselves.

Our community is one where we are all looking out for each other every day. It starts every morning after breakfast when the entire school gathers for Morning Meeting. We sit on the floor of the Great Hall and talk with each other, without the need of a microphone. A time to share, a time to be together, as only a small school can.

It's a place where we all know each other's names, a place with no cliques, a place with personal space, a place with small classes...a place people can get their arms around.

It's also a place where we learn about our connection to the larger community outside of our own. We do this through a comprehensive international and local community service learning program.

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