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Tushkahoma Life Skills Adventures

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Program Description
Tushkahoma's goal is to inspire and help your troubled or at risk teen, improve their life by focusing on the Four Directions: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. We provide a fun, yet guided learning environment for your 18 to 24 year old young adult, with a proven set of "Life Skills" that help with the transition from residential programs to real life. We believe that everyone's life should have purpose, dreams and accomplished goals. Our personal involvement as mentors is to teach problem or at risk teens effective life skills, teamwork, and planning so they may realize their full potential. Tushkahoma Life Skills Adventure is totally unique. Not only does the student learn "Life Skills" that will help them be successful for the rest of their life, they will carry in their memory an adventure that is beyond description. Other programs use Native American principles, ours is Native American.
Program Details
Program ID:1267
Program Name:Tushkahoma Life Skills Adventures
Program Type:
Program Tuition:0.00
Age Ranges:18 - 28
Program State:Utah
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